The Foundation grants are limited to institutions in the State of Texas and the Foundation’s grants are generally approved for nursing programs, healthcare clinics for the underserved, mental health programs, and medical research and healthcare education in the Greater Houston area.

Organizations applying for grants must meet criteria established by the United States Internal Revenue Service described in Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1968 and be classified as other than a private foundation under the terms of Section 590(a).  When appropriate, a copy of Section 501(c) (3) determination letter may be requested of grant applicants.  An organization may also qualify if it falls within the terms of Section 170 (c) (1) of the IRS Code in which the contribution requested is to be used exclusively for public purposes.  Please note that the Foundation does not support Type III Section 509(a) (3) supporting organizations.  Grant requests are limited to programs and projects within the Greater Houston area.  No grants are made to individuals.

A preliminary inquiry should be submitted in writing.  If the project falls within the Foundation’s sphere of interests, the request for support will be placed on the Foundation’s agenda for consideration.  Site visits may be conducted by staff or trustees, as deemed necessary by the Foundation.

If an applicant believes that more information would be helpful, supplemental material in narrative form may be submitted to provide further explanation and clarification.  Such material may expand upon the request, regarding the nature, objectives and activities of the organization, as well as the need to be met and the project or program designated to address that need.

The full Board of Trustees meets four times annually in January, April, July and October at which time decisions are made to approve or disapprove the various grant proposals.

Applicants whose proposals are approved for funding receive a Letter of Approval which outline the terms and conditions of the grant.  In some cases, an authorized official of the recipient organization signs and returns the letter to the Foundation, thereby indicating acceptance of those terms and conditions.

Generally, the Foundation typically does not give multi-year grants; however, matching grants and collaboration are encouraged.

         Please direct all correspondence and original proposals to:

3355 West Alabama, Suite 990
Houston, Texas  77098
Telephone:  713-626-0368
Facsimile:  713-626-3866

Internet Address: